I was interviewed this week for ‘On The Move’, a weekly column featured on CBC Early Edition, about the renovations at Main Street SkyTrain Station. You can listen here – segment starts at 1:10:30.

The renovation work at the station is already 50% complete with the opening of the new East station house.  My previous post documented the construction of a new entrance, ticket concourse and bike storage in October 2013. Since then the work on the east side of Main Street has been completed and I wandered around recently to see for myself!

East Station House Station 2 photo 1 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 3 photo 4

photo 5

The design is beautiful. Full credit goes to VIA Architecture for envisioning the new station. It incorporates lots of glass which will mean a light and airy feeling inside the station in addition to providing a better sense of security. Another major benefit to the east station house is the significantly improved wayfinding – especially for commuters transferring from Pacific Central Station. The SkyTrain east entrance has a greater presence in the park, making it more visible from Pacific Central. There are also new ‘T’ signs and maps at the street level. No longer will people have to lug their bags up the flight of stairs that used to exist on the east side (or venture across 7 lanes of traffic for those requiring an elevator).







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