The director of the Omega Centre, based at the Bartlett School of Planning at University College London, and professor of planning studies Harry Dimitriou is interviewed in the Globe and Mail. His research into the success and failure of transportation mega projects should resonate strongly with our decisions about funding transportation infrastructure in the lower mainland.

Some concluding thoughts from Harry Dimitriou on Toronto’s current transportation plan:

It would be a foolish person to give advice about a place he didn’t know. My first point is how little we learn from the lessons of the past. Look in Canada and elsewhere and pick up lessons that matter. Don’t go along with the myths, or whims of politicians who have a gut feeling. Use these projects to mould future visions Canadians wish to have. With climate-change issues coming rapidly to the forefront, with population densities mattering more and more, with energy peak problems likely to become more aggravated, I think Toronto shouldn’t building infrastructure of the 20th century, but they should be looking ahead.




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