Face Value: For What It’s Worth is a documentary project of The Change Lab at SFU, which seeks to broaden traditional  forms of education with experiential learning. The fundamental question of Face Value addresses the disconnection between our personal and common values as a society. It uses the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline to highlight this disconnection.

The film is shot in the same style that Gary Hustwit uses; without a narrator, and instead allowing the characters of the film to carry the conversation. It’s very effective and very engaging.

“Face Value was created with the intention of leading the viewer through four different themes to explore the (dis)connection between our personal values and the values we express as a society through our economic and political systems. Our central question is: What is it about the way we structure our society that creates a disconnection between personal and common/shared values? We discussed in particular whether there are systems we could adopt that allow for a more sustainable way to run our society.”

The following quote from the film seems to underline the need for alternative forms of education, and possibly is the key to introducing new ways of thinking and alternative, sustainable economic systems.

“The kind of education that’s delivered is one primarily intended to service the dominant market, rather than developing a critical consciousness of whether this is a good way for us to proceed.” – John Bogardus

The film introduces some critical questions and challenging ideas that we need to be having a conversation about. Take some time and watch the film.


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